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Gifting as a service - Select your favorite package:


$1,450 / year / fixed price

For gifting activities up to $5K.

No commitment.

Package includes:

Value Proposition

100% Gift Match

100% Gift Redemption

Saving or maximizing budget 

Personal customer service

Increase employee productivity

Drive customer retention  

Employee empowerment.

Transparency Prices

Topping-up only per using


3% Transaction fee 

No Minimum order

No Product commission

Worldwide Solution

Multinational payments

Active all around globe 

Global shipping

Operating at scale

Employer, Customer Branding

Customized websites 

Add your own logo 

Printing on products 


Fulfilment service

AI Decision


AI Matchmaking 

Recommendation gifting system 


Savvy experience optimizer


Analyses personal Insight

Know your employee and customers personal preferences

Limitless Incentives Options

Match tool

Open free choice tool

Any vendor, any products

From physical to digital gift card 

Swag, birthdays, holidays, merchandise and more.  

Donate to any charity


Custom gifting services 

Meet GiftVerse AI - SaaS Solution For Employees and Customers Experience

Infinite ways to gift.

 Swag, birthday, holidays, promotional and special events. Anywhere. Anytime.

Let's stay connected 

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