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Your monthly update of the most relevant insights that shared by your employees  in realtime - Global 


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Here are fasting ways to invest them in a click: 

Number 01

Share this article of 10 Globally Inspired Recipes to  to Celebrate World Vegan Day 

*We will send it only to your vegan employees. 

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Number 02

Share this podcast for the upcoming holidays of Armchair Explorer by Aaron Millar  

*We will send it to all of your employees. 

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Engagement Session

Data Metrics

    1. Redemption Rate: 100%
    2. Engagement Time: 4 hours vs. to 7 hours last month
    3. Viral Feedback: 60 recipients click on "Coralogix is the best place to work" vs. to 45 last month

Purchase Behaviours

Most Wanted Websites

    1. Amazon
    2. Airbnb
    3. The Home Depot

Personal insights

Knowing Your Team

    1. 30% of your employees preferred vegan food.
    2. 60% Parenthood rate
    3. 20% of your employees own a pet

Dislikes Charts

Least Relevant

    1. Cooking and baking
    2. Accessories and fashion
    3. Wellness and beauty

Giving ways

Preferred Incentives